Electric Cleaner


The very first household-use electric cleaner which operates with brushless motor and electric control board



  • Soft-Start Function
  • Three Speeds Adjustable
  • Speed Memorizing Function
  • Automatic Sleep Mode
  • Smart Pressure Control
  • Battery Low Warning
  • Overheat Protection
  • Safe-switch Design
  • Motor-stuck Protection
  • Charging Protection



  • Taiwan: I625929 / M551545 / M553522
  • USA: 69679-US-PA


Safety Agency Approvals

  • Overall Unit: FCC, CE
  • Battery Pack: EN62133
  • Charger: FCC, CE


Product Description


Physical Appearance Chart



Features of Brushless Motor














  • High Torque Capability (Refer to the tables above)
  • Power-saving
  • Less Electrical Noise
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Radiation


  • Charger
  • *2-1 Fast-charging charger: 8.4V/2A/ Charging time: 1.3hrs (Optional)
  • 3-inch polishing disc x1
  • 3-inch sandpaper x5
  • 4-inch scouring pad x2
  • 4-inch round cellulose sponge x1
  • 4-inch wavy sponge x1
  • 4-inch flat sponge x1
  • 4-inch bonnet pad x2
  • 4-inch polishing disc x1
  • 4-inch sandpaper x5
  • 5-inch scouring pad x2
  • 4-inch plastic stiff brush x1
  • 4-inch plastic side brush x1
  • 4-inch steel stiff brush x1 (Optional)
  • 4-inch steel side brush x1 (Optional)
  • Long gap brush x1 (Optional)
  • Tire brush x1
  • Extending stick x1
  • Scouring ball x1
  • Extending clamp x1
  • Sponge scouring pad x1
  • Wrench x1

















Product Testing Videos

1. Schnee Leopard Electric Brush Pressure Tests

2. Schnee Leopard Electric Brush Tensility Test

Comparison List

Schnee Leopard V.S. EVERTOP V.S. Yoto

Fairway Electronic Limited DIY Sander Feature Comparison List
Product Name Schnee Leopard EVERTOP Yoto
Model Name HEM02504-01 FD-EGD ZY1392
Designer   Fairway Electronics
Manufacturer Fairway Electronics
Motor  Brushless DC Electric Motor Brush DC Brush DC
Control Board    DC Inverted Control NO NO
Speed Control   3 Speed Adjustable 1 Speed 1 Speed
Closed Loop Control Speed-up Function NO NO
 Speed 50/100/150 RPM 140 RPM 155 RPM
Working Time  2 – 2.5 hrs 1 hr 0.6 – 1.0 hr
Battery  Lithium Battery AA * 4 NI Battery
Battery Brand  Sanyo/Samsung
Charger   Fast Charge; 2.5Hrs —— 8 hrs
Weight 350g (w/Battery) 450g 570g
Size (mm) 150 x 85 x 75 230 x 110 x 75 240 x 100 x 80
IP  65 66 67
Accessory for M8 Screw Teeth Special Special
17 Pieces Set 4 Pieces Set 4 – 14 Pieces Set
Safety Protection Over Load Protection NO NO
Over Heat Protection NO NO
Abnormal Protection NO NO
Low Voltage Protection NO NO
Charging Monitor NO NO
Safety Agency Approvals FCC NO NO
CE-EN62133 NO NO
China Energy Label 1 5 4
Patent YES NO NO
Over Temperature Protection
Electric Cleaner