e-FoamMaster 5cc Electronic Foam Sprayer

Fairway_e-FoamMaster 5cc Electronic Foam Sprayer

e-FoamMaster 5cc Electronic Foam Sprayer

As long as 5c.c. dishwashing liquid, you can easily enjoy dense foam!


主機尺寸 (Size):長 270 mm x 寬 108 mm x 高 240 mm (L 10.62″ x W 4.25″ x H 9.45″)
主機重量 (Weight):2 lbs (0.9 kgs)
主機材質 (Material):PP/瓶身HDPE (PP/Bottle HDPE )
瓶身容量 (Bottle Volume):61 fl. oz. (1800 ml)
馬  達 (Motor):有刷馬達 (Brush DC Motor);25 fl. oz per min (750 ml/min) H2O
觸控開關 (Touch Button):觸控啟動;連續2次觸控,連續噴 (
Press to start or turn off; Press twice to spray continuously.)
可調式噴嘴 (Adjustable Nozzle):泡沫、水、霧 (Foam, Water, Mist)
泡沫調節閥 (Adjustable Ratio) :18%~75%(H2O/air)
環  保 (Environmental Friendly):1:200 清潔劑 : 水(1:200 Soap to Water Ratio)
電量顯示&充電顯示 (Battery LED Charge Indication):30%, 60%, 100%
電池容量 (Battery Capacity):21700鋰電池/5000mAh,充電時間2.5小時;18650鋰電池/2600mAh,充電時間1.5小時 (21700 Li-ion battery/5000mAh, Charging time at 2.5 hrs; 18650 Li-ion battery/2600mAh, Charging time at 1.5 hrs.)
充電器 (Charger):4.2V/2A; 5.5*2.5 mm connector,輸入100-240V (Input: 100-240V)
安全認證 (Safety Certification):CE / FCC / IEC62133(Battery)


  • 低電壓保護 Under Voltage Protection
  • 過電壓保護 Over Voltage Protection
  • 過電流保護 Over Current Protection


  • 泡沫噴壺:(台灣)M613147,內容細項包含如下。
    Foam spray can: (Taiwan) M613147,Include:
    1、整體結構設計 Overall Structure
    2、瓶口快拆 Easy Assembly
    3、調節泡沫 Foam Spray Adjustment


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