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About Us

Fairway Electronic Co., Ltd. was found in January 1998. From then, Fairway has been in designs and productions of full serial AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC switching power supply. Besides, designs on series of standard products, OEM & ODM projects with power management, power efficiency, power synchronism with AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC for various customers and industries of automation, notebook, industrial equipment, telecommunication, high powered-led light source and electronic consumer products. With the intensive focus of quality on each and every details and attentive service to customers, Fairway wins customers’ trust and gains ever-increasing improvements.

In 2014, our engineer helped provide power supply solution to a well-known Taiwanese hand-tool company, who was then trying to have its very first battery-powered, brushless-motor sander for professional carpenter, we found almost all hand-tool designs in current markets are using out-of-date technology, making scrubbing/polishing/waxing tools very heavy and bulky in sizes. After 5 years of entering into hand tool designs, we have finished a series of hand tools, passing FCC & CE certifications and receiving more than 25 patents worldwide. Their special features are light, compact, high-torqued, long-working time, low power-consumption, speed-stabilized brushless-motored for household cleaning, car & boat cleaning/waxing DIY markets. In 2019, Fairway set up subsidiary company, WPG SANDER, to help promote these cleaning products. Fairway will continue put its effort to maintain product quality, efficiency, service and eco-friendly visions on product designs for customers who can enjoy easier cleaning on car, boat, household for comfortable lifestyle and greener environments.

  • 1998
    Company founded.
    60W AC/DC unique design of voltage and current adjustable output and interchangeable cable/plug meet 80% notebook computer requirements.
  • 1999
    60W DC/DC auto adapter with wide-range input voltage/current and adjustable output and interchangeable cable/plug
    For car, truck uses with 90% of all brands of notebook computers, palm readers. Widely used by Symbol, US police cars, UK Royal Mail.
  • 2002
    Setup charging & protection board testing and assembly for battery packs for USA customer BIT.
  • 2003
    Full series of AC/DC power supplies under 100W UL & world-wide safeties certified
  • 2004
    Power management of AC/DC, DC/DC power supply and battery control circuitry for DVD recorder customer Umax and portable DVD player customer Mustek.
  • 2005
    DC/AC inverter for CCFL lamp design group established, for office, industrial, medical equipments.
    For multifunction office printers, panel screens, medical checking equipments for Lite-on, Leximark, Philips, Siemens, Sharp, Airbus.
  • 2006
    Dongguan Factory founded.
    DC/AC inverters for Sharp displays in Siemens and Philips medical & industrial projects.
  • 2007
    AC/DC adapters approved by and sold to Dell, HP, Netgear, D-link & silex technology Inc.
  • 2009
    Led assembly of high-powered led light source and light fixture OEM for Cree US distributor, Arrow Electronics.
  • 2010
    Battery control board and notebook battery-pack production and assembly for BTI notebook computers in China.
  • 2013
    High density power supply design group established 200W/2×4, 300W/3×5, 450W/4×6 series.
  • 2015
    Battery-powered, hand tool design group established.
  • 2017
    High-efficient brushless-motor designs of electric control board, motor wiring and Li-ion battery control.
  • 2021
    Over 10 world-wide patents on hand-tool products approved.