– As a reliable designer & manufacturer of Switching Power Supply (5W~120W) and DC/AC inverters (for CCCFL lamps) since 1998, Fairway has been putting its effort for quality products and caring service to OEM/ODM customers overall the world. Each year, we produce up to millions of reliable products from our own factories to the worldwide market. The increasing quantity with reliable quantity stands for proven abilities of Fairway over the years.

– We seek excellence which makes our customers receive best support to be competitive in their industry.

High Quality, Customer Satisfaction

Quality Accomplishment :

1. Production Yield.. 98%
2. RMA return goods.. 500 ppm
3. Customer Acceptable.. 95%

Quality Commitment :

To set up quality control management in full compliance with quality assurance standards.
To keep improving quality to excellence


Quality Certification:
ISO 9001-2000